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the degree of investment and ownership people had in this common project of ours. because you understood this was not just about a candidate, it was not just about joe biden or barack obama. this was about us. who we are as a nation. what values we cherish. how hard we're willing to fight to make sure that those values live not just for today, but for future generations. all of you here understood and were committed to the basic notion that when we put our shoulders to the wheel of history, it moves. it moves. it moves forward. and that's part of what we celebrate when we come together for inauguration. now, yesterday, americans in all 50 states took part in a national day of service.
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and tomorrow, hundreds of thousands will join us in the national mall. and what the inauguration remind us of is the role we have as fellow citizens in promoting a common good. even if we carry out our individual responsibilities, the sense that there's something larger than ourselves that gives shape and meaning to our lives. the theme of this year's inauguration is "our people and our future" throughout my career what's always given me energy and inspiration and hope, what's allowed me to stand up when i've been knocked down are folks like you, the decency, the goodness, the resilience, the neighborliness, the patriotism, the sense of duty, sense of responsibility of the american people. you've inspired me throughout.
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so whenever i think about the challenges that joe and i and jill and michelle face, we know that we stand amongst friends, colleagues, fellow citizens. and that the work is not just ours, that we are working together. so i just want to say thank you. thank you very much. (applause) (cheers and applause) >> and i p want all of you to know even as we celebrate over the next couple days, feel free to stay up as late as you want. tomorrow is not a school night. make sure to bundle up, although it won't be as cold as it was four years ago.
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make sure you know that what we are celebrating is not the election or swearing in of a president, but what we are doing is celebrating each other and celebrating this incredible nation that we call home. after we celebrate, let's make sure to work as hard as we can to pass on an america that is worthy not only of our past but also of our future. god bless you guys. i love you. we will see you tomorrow. (applause) >> the president and the first lady the vice president, the second lady seeming chipper after his official swearing in earlier today. this party was a candlelight vigil. it's not exactly a vigil, it's more of a party. there are a lot of people in that room who paid a lot of
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money for this inauguration and prior to tonight to get barack obama re-elected. to get a flavor of what's going on in the room these are individual and corporate donors. to get tickets to this event if you were an individual if you wanted the washington package in addition to a couple seats to the parade or other items you had to donate 250,000 dollars if you were a corporation you had to donate a million. the packages went on down from there. four years ago he set a cap of 50,000 dollars on individual contributions and refused to accept any money from unions or corporations or lobbyists. they also capped any donations to 300,000 per donors. this time around they had a bit more of a cash crunch. in december he announced he would take unlimited contributions from individuals and corporations. unlike 4 years ago they would not be disclosing all of the information on the donors just names as opposed to all of the
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details. >> the total number is about 40 million they raised this time. that includes corporate donors back in 2009. they raised 53 million and those were all private donations with that cap. let's bring in our panel tonight to talk about this, the speech we just heard and what we will hear tomorrow. steve hayes senior writer, juan williams fox news political analysts and charles krauthammer syndicated columnist. steve to you, this is a different environment, a different time, they needed a little bit of money. they opened it to corporate donations. you heard the president going there to say thank you for the money. >> yeah he didn't need to be re-elected this time. they are having a good time tonight. they are joking with each other and the crowd. there were moments joe biden was speaking he had the crowd fired up when he said president obama is just getting started. he repeated himself twice he is just getting started. he laid out policy agenda guns
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immigration and rebooting the economy and barack obama came on and was in a joef yell mood. >> for all of the talk we had during the campaign ofment o prt obama's ability to raise money it would be a million dollar campaign and the talk mitt romney had more corporate donors it would be a wash in cash. the president had no trouble raising enough money to get himself re-elected it is thanks in part to an incredible network he has built over the years. talk about the importance of money in this election, charles. >> he has never backed for money. in 2008 he was the first to go without the federal matching money so he could raise unlimited amounts he did and he crushed mccain in terms of the fundraising. he is commuting with the 53 percent his way of reaching to try to bring us all together
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after a campaign where he ran into 47 percent. it is a night where they are just having a good time. i wouldn't take any of it too seriously. it is a minor bit. you have to give him a pass on inauguration. he's having a good time and this is the money essentially to fund all of the festivities he which he won fair and square. >> public money goes to security and every president raises private funds to pay for the parties and pomp and circumstance. >> and the balloons. >> 8 of them in total we are told. >> there was a moment he came out and said he loves michelle obama and he loves the bangs. >> this has been a big topic of discussion. >> there's no reason we shouldn't be partying right here at fox. therefore i am here to cause trouble and i will say, my god, he had to say that i suppose.
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that's her new look. that's the most memorable thing people will take away from tonight that the president acknowledged big news is the hair style whether you like it or not. i will leave it up to megyn. i can only get into so much trouble and keep my job. three guys at the table. >> four i think. >> oh, yeah. >> who were you counting? >> here's my question for you for the men at the table. did you notice the bangs? >> oh, yeah. >> did you notice there had been a hair change? >> only because my wife pointed it out to me this morning. otherwise i would have been oblivious. >> you wonder, you get behind the scenes and you wonder what was the president's real reaction when he first saw it. we have all had those moments where your wife or maybe your husband walks in and has a new hair do and if you notice that
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is good or maybe isn't so good. >> i think you started to sweat right now. >> i did. >> what do you make of that? >> the other big hair do -- >> i usually don't notice. to be honest, i usually don't notice. >> you know what the other big shift is hillary clinton becafo all of her medical problems everybody in town is like what is going on with her hair style. why doesn't she do this, that and the other. mrs. clinton said this is who i am. this is what i want to do. i am getting older. her hair became more of a dominant theme in conversation than the policies. >> you never want it to be a distraction. fox news professionals say you don't want it to be a distraction. the hair became a distraction from her message people started talking about it. >> what do you think of the hair style? >> i preferred it when the bangs were swept to the side. i think that's slightly -- i
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don't have bangs, but if you have bangs cut i like the side sweep which she had a couple of hairstyles ago. that's my favorite. >> that's how i used to wear them in the 60s. >> i wanted to note this was never a topic on special report or on -- >> i will say this whether the bangs work or they don't work the fashion works. she has been looking great. i just found out did you know that all of these designers compete to do her inaugural gown. they don't find out until she pops out on the stage tomorrow night. >> the pressure. >> image it. >> this is going to be -- >> this might be a long hour. >> coming up the defining moment of the inaugural weekend what we can expect to hear in tomorrow's speech. >> tomorrow's crowd expected to be much smaller than four years ago. they revised the expected number downward. what will that mean for the festivities? stay with us. ♪
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correspondent ed bradley. >> i cut my hair for the inaugural. trying to spif things up a little bit. after a big slip up four years ago after the last inaugural everybody was trying to make sure they got it just right today. >> this time it was flawless thanks to note cards for chief justice john roberts. >> i barack hussein obama do solemnly swear... >> for president obama both a solemn constitutional event in the blue room and just a dad sharing an emotional moment with his girls. >> i did it. >> a sigh of relief 75 days after a tough reelection victory over republican mitt romney. yet it's right back to work for a president getting regular updates from the terror attack in algeria a reminder of the grave threat of al qaeda one of
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the moving challenges hanging over's ceremonial swearing in where aids say the inaugural address will focus on bringing the nation together. >> he will bring that point very strongly people in washington need to seek common ground. >> republicans note other signs suggest just the opposite such a defiant tone they news conference and new group made up of former campaign aids pressuring congress. >> i was surprised to see him switch his campaign committee into an ongoing campaign style effort to have an impact on the washington debate. doesn't seem that worked out very well. >> it is for tuesday but for now mostly pomp and circumstance. >> i will support and defend the constitution of the united states. >> starting with joe biden getting sworn in because sonia sotomayor has a book signing.
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>> her car is waiting so she can catch a train i hope i haven't caused her to miss. >> he joined the president at arlington national cemetery. then the obama as worship at a historical black church to pay homage to dr. martin luther king jr. he decided to use two bibles one of kings the other of abraham lincoln. >> it is only because of them it is possible for me to be inaugurated. >> aids say the president has been saying in private in recent days that when he is on the podium tomorrow he will be thinking about the sacrifices of dr. king president lincoln and many others that have gotten him to this point. >> ed, thank you.
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>> chief political correspondent charles cameron talk about what the people who do come can expect. >> the u.s. capital stage is set and preparations are being finalized by president obama's second inaugural address a ceremonial formality since he took the oath today and it is far more subdued given many of the challenges forciacing the nation. >> second inaugurals are smaller. we are providing opportunity if you are saying at home in your home community. >> four years ago an estimat estimated -- crowd estimates lowered from 5 to 7,000. unlike four years ago when there were 10 inaugural ball including hawaii ball, west coast ball, in differen difference to the economy there
6:18 pm
will be two for 20,000 each. contributions are off the pace four years ago. they raised 53 million to pay for the inauguration exclusively from private donors capped at 50,000 dollars each. times changed corporate donations were accepted this time and there was no limit on amounts. mr. obama's predecessor will not attend choosing to be with his father former president george h.w. bush who recently left the hospital after bronchitis and persistent cough and fever. 2012 mitt romney will not be here. it's not uncommon forerunners up to be no shows. michael dukakis skipped herbert walker bush's and mondale was a no show at the second inaugural in 85 which is the last time the constitutionally required date fell on a sunday and a second ceremonial oath was done. >> 40s tomorrow and showers in the afternoon perhaps flurries
6:19 pm
for folks going to the ball at president obama's second inaugural. carl cameron, fox news. thank you. still ahead the uncertain future of gun. >> the president's second term. stay with us. ÷÷
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>> look at that. these beautiful shots of washington are one of the major up sides of the events going on here. not only do you get to see the country come together and celebrate our democracy but boy oh boy the capitol never looked better. much of the world is following the deadly terrorist scenes that
6:23 pm
happened in algeria. the death toll expect to do climb in the coming days. >> algerian security forces spent the day combing through the debris. there were attacks by al qaeda linked islamic terrorists four weeks ago. five of the sur vialing militants were captured i the troops. mangleled body on the ground making it difficult to tell hostages from terrorists. recovery of the bodies have been slow by fears of booby traps. freed hostages describe their ordeal. >> you can hear gun fire and machine gun fire. sometimes rapidly sometimes quiet. we knew it was a really bad situation. >> the lack of information and cooperation from algeria raises the question about the current u.s. policy in north africa
6:24 pm
where islamic extremist groups appear to be flourishing. many american and western officials are furious they launched a unilateral rescue attempt and did not notify them about doing so. the white house has resisted relying instead on partnerships with regional leaders to dismantle the extremist groups. >> we are going to take the lead where we can but we have to partner with our allies and counter-terrorism partners to make sure they themselves have expertise and technology. >> the statement appears to be yet another indication algeria is unlikely to strengthen ties with western government in an effort to stamp out islamic extremists. in jerusalem connor powell, fox news. back here at home the fight over gun control continues. the president's gun initiative
6:25 pm
faces an uncertain future and divided congress. president obama may hit a serious opposition from members of his own party. >> the will to change gun laws in the aftermath of the sandy hook massacre is beginning to meet political realities. paul vowed to nullify the 23 executive actions signed last week. diane fine stein plans to introduce a new assault weapon and extended magazine ban. >> leader reed says he intends to make guns one of the earliest things we consider on the floor. chairman lay sehey talked about having hearings right away. i think you will see action quickly. >> there are 20 democratic senate seats up for grabs in 2014 including in the gun friendly states of arkansas, alaska, louisiana, ohio, new hampshire and south dakota. after the assault weapons ban passed in 94 democrats lost control of the house all of
6:26 pm
which suggest compromise may be in the works. >> we don't expect all of it to pass in its current form. there are elements that are absolutely critical. >> this is a moment we can do something about mental health about information sharing maybe about background checks and other things as well but it has to be a plan that works or other things won't get done. >> weapons bans won't be more effective than the old one. >> when the ban expired there were 700 using small rifles today there are roughly 300. >> the president vowed he will do everything he can to stop gun related karnage. he won unprecedented turnout to win grass-roots support for new restrictions on guns. doug mcelway fox news. >> most of the planning went into the inaugural ceremonies. a breakdown of how the big day came together. >> the foreign challenges from looming questions over benghazi
6:27 pm
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♪ is your cholesterol at goal? talk to youdoctor about crestor. [ femalannouncer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> that's where it all takes place tomorrow. you are looking at the capital where tomorrow president obama takes the ceremonial otaking th oath pursuing the constitutional requirement. months and months have gone into the planning of the ceremony all to make sure things go off without a hitch. mike emmanuel takes a look at the tick tock as we call it in the news biz of monday's main events. >> the weather on capitol hill is expected to be milder than it was four years ago. the crowd size will be down substantially. they will take the ceremonial
6:31 pm
oath and redirect the crowd. the nuts and bolts of the inaugural the capital offered a few stats about the preparation. it set up nearly 30,000 chairs on capital grounds had to run 23 miles of cabling and had to install 4 miles of snow fencing. after the speech the president lawmakers and other vip's several00 guests will have lunch at the capital hall they will dine on a three course meal, toasts gifts presented and some speeches then it is off to the parade where mr. obama and the first lady will thank supporters and be joined by marching bands and military units. after the celebration back to work in a tough political environment. >> politics now are very divisive with the extremes in both parties punishing any sort of compromise. it used to be back in my father's time and in my early days compromise was an act of statesman ship.
6:32 pm
now for too many partisans it is viewed as an act of betrayal. >> president obama could start by changing the attitude about congress. >> he speaks in general terms. he likes the executive order approach a whole lot better rather than the legislative approach. you have got to legislate and you have to leg stlat quickly. you don't control the entire congress. >> the honeymoon won't last for long after the celebration. it will be back to fighting it out over issues including government spending debt and entitlements. >> you skipped the best part when they are at the luncheon tomorrow after the inauguration they are going to be having steamed lobster with new england clammed chowder sauce and bison with horse rad dish cake. huckle barerry reduction. you didn't think that was
6:33 pm
relevant? >> didn't want to make the folks hungry and walk away from the tv perhaps. >> they have their beer and chips out now. >> also sauteed spinach. >> that was michelle obama's contribution. >> very healthy. everyone can get their facts straight when it comes to this inauguration. friday folks jimmy kimmel live asked people on hollywood boulevard for their reactions to an inauguration that had not yet happened. remember the inauguration ceremony and big speech are tomorrow. >> what did you think of the inauguration yesterday. >> it was awesome. part of history. >> did you like his speech? >> yeah. it was from the heart. i really put a tear to my eyes. >> i didn't care for any of it really to be honest. i turned the tv off. it bored me. >> did you like when he through teddy bears into the crowd? >> yes. >> what about when biden died?
6:34 pm
>> it was sentimental. >> the tap routine? >> the only thing that was kind of worth it. >> tap routine? oh, man. >> at the end the woman in the red sweatshirt you know none of this really happened, right? >> yeah, just going along. when there's a tv camera, okay. >> high unemployment illegal immigration and the battle over gun control. >> just some of the big issues president obama will face now in his second term. >> coming up the panel breaks down the challenges there ahead. [ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance? try the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic. align. align naturally helps maintain digestive balance.
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>> today i say to you the challenges we face are real. they are serious and therman knee. they will not be met eedz illy or in a short span of time. but know this, america, they will be met. >> after a year of debate, after a historic vote, healthcare reform is no longer an unmet promise. it is the law of the land. >> my preference and the preference of most americans is that we ask the wealthiest few americans to pay their fair share. >> president obama has a number of big items on his agenda. he talked about some of the things he accomplished during
6:38 pm
his first term. what can we expect now. >> let's bring back our panel steve hayes. fox news political analyst and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. we promise not to talk about any hairstyles. domestic issues first. >> if you were a martian people what are the issues facing the united states we will say out of control spending. the poll we had on fox news this week over 80 percent of americans said that you cannot sustain trillion dollar deficits indefinitely. i don't think obama cares at all about that. that is not on his agenda. i think he really is a president who believes his mission is to reduce the inequality. he saw reagan increasing in inequality. he is a leveller. obama care was step one. i crease in spending of the government which was a massive increase in spending. increasing taxation especially
6:39 pm
on the rich is a third item. i think he wanls to contin-- wa continue that. he wants to get to levels of entitlement that will make much more equality between the classes that's where he wants to go. to do it he will have to raise taxes. that will be one of the number one issues on his agenda to raise taxes way beyond where we have been ever since the reagan era. >> juan, how can that be? he has to see the spending problem that we are in. what do you think the thought process is about that since has done some cuts but not enough to make a difference. what do you think his thoughts are on it? >> when you think of some of the positions of debt reduction president obama has been slow to the table in part because he doesn't see republicans as a
6:40 pm
worthy partner for the steps that have a strong political fallout. people will punish you for people cutting the entitlement programs people punish you at the polls rhetorically. one of steve's great heros congressman ryan of wisconsin took some of that risk and saw the kind of pounding that you take for saying, yes, i would make strong cuts when it comes to something like medicare. i think president obama has been reluctant to join in that junk without knowing that in fact speaker boehner republican leader in the senate mitch mcconnell would be able to join hands with him as he takes the lead. let me say i think that entitlement spending that republicans house what they ais a is three months they will allow the debt ceiling to be
6:41 pm
hiked and try to attach some spending cuts or at least say we need to be engaged in negotiations for further increase in debt hike. i think that was a recession for republicans in reality they were losing this argue uchlt. it reengineers to the point that 60 percent of americans think you have to have spending cuts right now. >> you listen to the president's senior advisor today he was talking again about a balanced approach saying whatever deal on the debt ceiling has to have tax loopholes closed. speaker boehner brought the 800 billion in loop whole closures in the beginning of the fiscal cliff negotiation that should be a part of this deal. despite the fact that the president wanted rate increase on the fiscal deal and that's
6:42 pm
all they want. >> you can see the democrats and white house believe they have the argument in their back pocket. they offered once they can call on it again if they are going to concede on any spending cuts. none have been discussed at least in the short term are going to solve the problem. the only way you solve the problem is by structural entitlement reform. you have to change the trajectory. it is not 50 billion from defense spending there. it would have an impact in our capability in context with the military but the only way you get serious and change the trajectory of the debt is to have entitlement reform. >> what does that take? we are europe and finally we have to do something about it? >> i think charles's point this is a president who wouldn't be
6:43 pm
uncomfortable with gdp spending. for him the way he sees the proper role of government that doesn't seem outrageous even though the historical norm is 20 percent. it is not something that would be a problem. it drags more on the economy now h than it has at that point. you heard democrats talk about that you need another couple interesting in order to avoid the 90 percent threshold. ab september that i don't see that he is going to be the one to lead on those issues. >> second term, though, this is what we are talking about. second term. you are talking about the president he has an opportunity to do something the art sent employees have never had a chance to take a risk go big go
6:44 pm
bold. one of those things has to do with spending. if not the kind of spending cuts which they envision which is chop off a certain percentage of this and that it's the trajectory of spending. these are steps he is willing to take. i know my friend bret baier is going to say juan he never said this publicly but it has been reported in many corridors he said he would be willing to do something in terms of the cpr. >> could he get his democratic caucus to sign on to it? >> if it was mentioned in the halls there was an uproar to the democrats. >> that's why i say go big and bold. if you do you have to be willing to take an ounce of blood from your supporters and say that's the basis i demand equal opportunity from republicans and say yes there are appropriate
6:45 pm
closing of loopholes and exceptions taking place. >> it isn't because of the risk it's because of lack of interest. he has shown that it is an interesting of cutting spending because he thinks where we are it has done a huge increase in spending. >> he has said over and over again he doesn't have spending. he believes we are under taxed. that's what he has done in the fiscal cliff negotiations. he announced his next on theive is to raise more tax from the loopholes. he thinks it should be a match. he will not be the one remembered historically as the man who cut the great programs in the 20th century, medicare and social security. he will reduce the spending and will not cut them. >> we will be back talking about the foreign challenges ahead
6:46 pm
including iran, syria and afghanistan to name a few.
6:47 pm
6:48 pm
6:49 pm
>> america is a friend of each nation and every man, woman and child will face a future of peace and dignity. we are ready to lead once moerp. >> united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden. >> the regime of al-assad must come to an end so the suffering of the syrian people could stop and the new dawn will begin. >> there should be no doubt the united states are determined to stop iraq from acquiring nuclear
6:50 pm
weapons. >> president obama will have a lot of overseas issues to deal with in his second term. >> steve hayes juan williams and syndicated columnist. back to you. >> when president obama was running for reelection and benghazi and protests in the middle east what we are witnessing is the collapse of the obama doctrine. as we look back now having real elected this not as much as the front pages of the paper do you think that is the foreign policy legacy of his first term? >> i think it is. you can't really point to any successes. you heard him in that little sound bite saying we are going to lead. he has been saying the tied of war is receding. it's not reseeding. the tied of war is increasing in all kinds of places like west africa where it hadn't been. the dominance of the united states in the region ever since kissinger is receding. it is the absence of american influence and power which is creating a vacuum into which the
6:51 pm
jihadists are coming. that's the most important resistance of insurgents is it is in places where we didn't expect it like north africa. it is as if there were jihadists regimes or attacks in central america. that's now the europeans miss it. the number one issue is iran. the prime minister re-elected on tuesday say at the u.n. last year that in spring and summereh a point of no return at which he was announcing israel would have to act. i think obama is going to have to face that either to prevent the israelis in some way or to give a red light or to think of contingencies israelis attacked how the u.s. will react. >> you will likely see senator kerry take over for senator clinton likely a shoe in. chuck hagel may have a bumpyer ride but will likely be
6:52 pm
confirmed as secretary of defense. you see a different foreign policy with those people key positions for president obama's second term? >> no question about it. first and foremost what you see not only with kerry but with john brennan now playing a key role is there is more of an effort to one slim down the size of the defense and military footprint the united states has worldwide. i think that is on the democratic budget side that is a priority. slim down spending. as a matter of foreign policy that the military and use of military force should not be the first option. i think that is what you see from hagel and kerry. of course the reinvention the cia will change as well as part of the equation. let me say that i think the administration has lots to be proud of on the foreign policy front.
6:53 pm
i strongly disagree with charles krauthammer. i think it is major in the united states. i think when you think about what happened in egypt and libya and when you think about the effort the united states has made to get out of iraq to get out of afghanistan in such a way as to allow american troops to come home and allow us to reorient our efforts in such a way as to use the drones and again that's highly problematic many people think the drones are at the wrong set. the drones have been effective in terms of going after al qaeda's leadership. they have pioneered their use and effectiveness. >> the vacuum of leadership is creating some of these countries saying america is not going to be there for me. algeria what we just witnessed there like all of the countries that somehow these al qaeda groups are emboldened. >> i don't know how they would
6:54 pm
be emboldened. america has been effected in ousting moammar khaddafy. he is not on this earth. bin laden is not on the earth. there is a need for these other countries to stop being, i don't mean to be offensive, but freeloaders on the united states military. the use right now the french and president going into mali is a good sign for the united states. we have seasonal kwied in that region and we need to be direct about it the idea we should be the only ones bearing this worldwide i don't see it's wrong. >> after the terrorist act destroyed in benghazi and four americans with impunity. >> want to talk more about iran. they are going another four years without doing anything or israel doing anything to pre-empt what we expect to
6:55 pm
happen. netanyahu at the u.n. with the red line. he was talking months. how president obama handles this. he is not up for reelection and what are his options and which one is he likely to take? >> he spent the better part of the first four years trying to encourage the iranians to come to the negotiating table to have a serious discussion about this. they don't want to. i think they don't want to because they want a nuclear weapon. that's the bottom line. it's almost inconceivable they will be stopped in the absence of some kind of military force. i think you are right. the way you frame it is exactly right. they are likely to have war or bomb. i don't see this president demonstrated any resolve to stopping them. he says he wants to stop them. he says it's unacceptable but in terms of actually doing something he hasn't shown it. if you are netanyahu and you now know when he gave that speech we didn't know the outcome of the
6:56 pm
election. you now know what you are dealing with. he has a responsibility to his people ifr think it makes it fa more likely that they act unilaterally. >> it talks about if israel hits iran preemptively it won't be a response on israel. they will hit western targets including american targets the iranians are. they will pull into it one way or another. president obama will have to do something. >> i would argue we would be wise to join hands they would have do that. it makes sense for us to do that. >> it has to happen it would be irrational. if the iranians only hit israel it would remain a one-on one. if it hits us it will hit us in the gulf. it would be an iranian defeat. it would be irrational for them to attack us. i am not saying it's not going to happen it would not be the
6:57 pm
course that a rational general would take. >> mark of cbs keeps track of presidential stats. i want to read this from the first term. 699 speeches with the teleprompter that includes campaign speeches state of the union addresses everything in between. total of 852 speeches remarks and comments. 58 town halls. 113 rounds of gul golf. 13 vacations. visited 44 states. not traveled to arkansas, idaho, north dakota, south carolina south dakota or utah as president all states that voted for mitt romney in the 2012 presidential election. 92 days with no public -- or press appearances according to mark knoller at cbs news. bush played 24 rounds of golf in the first two years spent 180 days at the crawford ranch and camp david for the first 31 months. >> too many numbers. my eyes are going like this.
6:58 pm
it is dangerously close to math. >> that is true. i said there were three of us up here for a while. >> while you are on the numbers subject before you go did you have a little football update? >> yes, congratulations to the 49ers and baltimore ravens heading to the soup beal. >> -- super bowl. >> ravens fan over here. >> more from washington and special coverage of the 2013 presidential inauguration weekend after the break. [ ryon ] eating shrimp at red lobster
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